Dual-purpose web-based tool to facilitate R&D sample management. Flavour:View is a single repository of key sample ingredient, supply chain and financial data along with a sample request facility, interfacing with suppliers and key stakeholders.

Flavour:View supports a delivery of key flavour and seasoning strategies as well as supporting a single unified way of working across an organisation. Flavour:View is a flavour library that facilitates global flavour and ingredient strategies as well as supporting local refresh (change) and Limited Time Offer projects.


  • A single, unified point of sample management that tracks supplier usage and performance.
  • Seamless integration with ‘Brieflow’ Briefing Management System, allowing tracking of sample to market.
  • Data-driven intelligence to review key supplier KPIs.

For Individuals/

  • Find samples and flavours more quickly.
  • A searchable and quantifiable record of projects.
  • Facilitates a more open and transparent relationship between Supplier, Project Manager and Supply Chain.


  • Overview of requests to see which teams are interacting with which suppliers.
  • Enable pro-active, efficiency-driven strategies to reduce resources and demand on suppliers.

A Single, Company-wide Database Of Proprietary Flavours

Provide a single-point of reference for Product Developers, Procurement and Supply Chain colleagues to access all available flavours, where they are located and how to access them.

Flavour Tagging
Enabling Faster

Each flavour is tagged by a customisable list of categories enabling targeted searching depending on specific project requirements. This can be expanded to regions, regulatory requirements and more.

Identify Efficiencies & Response Times With Suppliers

Sample requests are tracked and response times are logged. With Brieflow integration, incoming (newly awarded) flavours can be populated by the supplier, reducing administration.

Enhance The Supplier/Project Manager Relationship

Avoid missed deadlines and inactive flavour requests with a single-point system. Supplier can see the status of any requested sample by logging in and running a report.

Avoid Supply Chain
Issues With
Upstream Information

Provide key Supply Chain data within the flavour record to enable R&D project managers to make more informed decisions early in the workflow, avoiding lost time.

Unified Flavour &
Sample Request

Admin reports allow for granular searching of all requests by team, region or even project type to effectively manage supplier resource requests.

5 key benefits of Flavour:View